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nina_dragicevic_small  Nina Dragičević (b. 1984) is an inter-disciplinary artist and critic, whose work is highly influenced with her contribution to civil movements. Her first novel, Kdo ima druge skrbi, was published in 2014. In 2016 she is adding another book to the shelf; a book of essays on gender and sexual difference in sound arts. Also in 2016, her first sound album Parallellax was released (Kamizdat Records), and her sound installation Vox Populi(st) is currently exhibited at Kapelica Gallery. She was a programme director of Ljubljana pride 2016, and in 2013 she co-ordinated Lesbian quarter festival, both of which featured her visual identity designs. In 2012 she designed the cover of the Slovenian translation of Audre Lorde’s Zami: The new spelling of my name, in 2014 she contributed a cover for Ostani, a book of poetry by Nataša Velikonja. Her critical commentaries of society and culture are published in magazines Lesbo, NovaMuska, nespaper Delo, Odzven magzine and in the work of Nataša Velikonja and Tatjana Greif: Lesbian section LL: chronology 1987-2012 with pre-history. Nina is the editor of Lezbnik, Slovenia’s only magazine that thematizes lesbian culture.

Vesna Lemaic_small  Vesna Lemaić (1981) is a writer who writes in Slovene. She entered the literary scene in 2008 with her collection of short stories Popularne zgodbe (Popular stories), which has received three awards. She subsequently published two novels, Odlagališče (Dumping Ground, 2010) and Kokoška in ptiči (A Hen and Birds, 2014). She wrote a radio drama Podpotnik (Underpassanger) for Radio Slovenija. Her short story Bazen (The Pool) was included in the anthology Best European Fiction 2014. She forms part of an informal initiative Lezbično-feministična univerza (Lesbian and Feminist University) and carries out group trash writing workshops. Her works have been translated into several languages.

tibor-hrs-pandur_small  Tibor Hrs Pandur (1985) is a poet, translator, playwright, editor of the magazine and the paraliterary organization I.D.I.O.T. and director of the international festival Literodrom held in Cankarjev dom. He wrote a play Sen 59 (Dream 59, Glej Theatre, 2008), for which he received the award for young playwright at the 43rd Week of Slovenian Drama in 2013. He also wrote two books of poetry, Enerđimašina, knjiga I (Energymachine, book I, Center za slovensko književnost, Aleph, 2010) and Notranje zadeve, knjiga II (Internal affairs, book II, Litera, due for release in 2017).

A_Jovanovski_foto Mojca Pišek_small  Alenka Jovanovski, born in 1974 in Celje, is a poet, essayist, literary critic, editor and translator. Her first collection of poems, Hlače za Džija (Trousers for G.), was published in 2012. As a critic and essayist she writes about contemporary Slovenian poetry. She is a former editor of the translation edition Litterae Slovenicae (published by Slovenian Writers’ Association from 1960′s onwards), translates from contemporary Italian literature (poetry of Cesare Pavese, together with Gašper Malej; Italo Calvino). She authored also a monograph Dark Gene: aesthetic experience through the prism of mystical experience (2001). Her poems appeared in the anthologyA Portrait of a Woman in a turned perspective: 12 poets from the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Ukraine (FA-art, 2013) in the translation of Agnieszka Będkowska Kopczyk.

Vida-Mokrin-Pauer_small  Vida Mokrin – Pauer (1961) – a poet and prose writer for children and adults, literary critic, journalist, mentor, literary school teacher, performer. She graduated in comparative literature and library science at the University of Ljubljana. She published 17 books, including 8 poetry collections for adults – Mik (1988), Pasti v slasti (1992), Narcisa v vodi (1992), Krili v kletki (1997), Lesketanje k-res-nič-kam (2002), Modrice (2004), Upoštevaj kvante! (2007), Poleti poleti!: 108 pesmi na kartah za uvidevanje (2009; with a sound book on a CD containing music and sound effects) – and 4 collections of poems for children: Jezik v ušesu (1991), Mačke so modre (2001), VESELJE za otroke in odrasle (2006; with a sound book on a CD containing music and sound effects), and Živ, živ, živalice! (2010). Co-author of two satirical epistolary novels: Trio Tripičje: Fukljica (1997) and Trio Triritke: Spolitika (1999).

Iztok Osojnik_foto Brunon Bielecki_small  Iztok Osojnik, born in 1951 in Ljubljana, is a poet, fiction writer, literary scientist, anthropologist, essayist, editor, translator, artist, tour director, mountain climber. He initiated a series of artistic movements: together with Iztok Saksida and Jure Detela he founded anarchist underrealist movement and wrote an Underrealist Manifesto; started an artistic Garbage Art (Kyoto), musical projects, (Papa Kinjal Band, Hydrogism) and series of important artistic institutions and festivals (Gallery Equrna, Trnovo triplets, Dialogues at Villa Herberstein Velenje, Vilenica, Review within a Review, Golden Boat and others). He graduated in Comparative Literature at the University of Ljubljana (1977). He finished postgraduate studies at the Osaka Gaidai University (1980–1982), and in 2011 earned his PhD in historical anthropology at the University of Koper. He is the former director of the International Literary Festival Vilenica. He published 28 collections of poetry – recent ones including Kosovel in sedem palčkov (Kosovel and the Seven Dwarfs, 2015), Poročena na rdeče (Married into Red, 2012), *** asterisk (2011) –, 5 novels, 3 volumes of essays on literature, anthropology – the most recent one Symposia: štiri razprave o slovenski poeziji in ena o Dušanu Pirjevcu (Symposia: four papers on Slovenian poetry and one on Dušan Pirjevec, 2015) –, and philosophy and monography Somrak suverenosti (Twilight of Suverenity, 2013). He published four books of poetry in English: Alluminations (City Gallery of Arts of Ljubljana, 2000), a collection of poetry And Some Things Happenfor the First Time (Modry Peter Publishers, Canada, 2001), Mister Today (Jacaranda Press, California, 2004) and New and Selected Poems (Sampark, New Delhi, 2010). He runs The Golden Boat International Poetry Translation Workshop in Škocjan, Vermont College Summer Residence in Slovenia and various other programmes. His poems and essays were translated and published in 25 languages. He was awarded several national prizes (Župančič Prize, 1992; Jenko Prize, 1997; Veronika Prize, 1998) and international literary prizes (the International Literary Award KONS, 2011; the Italian Poetry Prize of Friuli – Venezia Giulia, in 2002, and the Croatian Lucić Prize, in 2004).

TJamnik3_foto Krzysztof Puchyra_small  Tatjana Jamnik, born in 1976 in Ljubljana, is a poet, writer, literary translator, second reader, lecturer of Slovenian as a foreign language, editor, publisher and organizer of literary events. She graduated in Slovenian language and literature at the University of Ljubljana. In 2009 she published her first collection of poems Brez (Without). Her poems and short stories were published in Slovenian and foreign literary journals and anthologies. They are available in English, Czech, French, Croatian, Japanese, German, Polish, Slovak, and Serbian translations. She translates contemporary Polish and Czech literature (A. Wiedemann, S. Lem, M. Witkowski, D. Masłowska, P. Bednarski, J. Franczak, A. Tuszyńska; A. Berková, M. Urban, P. Brycz, L. Fuks, R. Denemarková, R. Sikora, E. Bondy, J. Katalpa). She translated a linguistic monograph by A. Będkowska-Kopczyk. In 2009, she received the best young translator award. She initiated the Golden Boat Festival of Slovenian Culture and has become its chief organizer. She co-organizes the International Poetry Translation Workshop in Bielsko-Biała, as well as tours of Slovenian authors abroad. She is the current chair of Polica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association. Together with Slovenian poets, Taja Kramberger and Barbara Korun, she established the KONS International Literary Award in 2011.

Jure Detela_small  Jure Detela (1951–1992) was a poet, writer and essayist. He was a brilliant student of history of art and art critic, as well as extremely well-read, especially in English poetry. In the 70s he actively participated in various avant-garde movements. In 1979, together with Iztok Osojnik and Iztok Saksida, he authored The Underrealist Manifesto. He published two books of poetry, The Maps (1978) and Moss and Silver (1985), and a novel Under the Terrible Eyes of Pontoon Bridges (1988) which is an autobiographic testimony on defence of free speech and Detela’s encounters with Yugoslav police. He had visionary ideas on ecology, ethics and the need of a radical change in the means and ways of mass production. In their radical instance, such ideas demanded dismantling of global capitalism, but were all rooted in his dauntless defence of the right of all living beings to live. He lived and worked in Ljubljana.

Srecko Kosovel_small  Srečko Kosovel (1904–1926) was a poet, essayist, journalist; one of the most important Slovenian artists of the 20th century. He studied Slavic and Roman Studies and Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana. His works were published in numerous magazines and literary recited at meetings. He died of meningitis at the age of twenty-two years, before he could issue his debut poetry collection The Golden Boat. Most of his work was published posthumously, the most innovative texts (the konses and integrals) were not published until 1967 (edited by Anton Ocvirk). Kosovel’s poems, falling in the avant-garde art direction, such as Constructivism, Dadaism, Futurism, and Surrealism, still have a significant impact on contemporary Slovenian art. His wish to give humanity back the rank of the highest value, is not fading nowadays.

Saša Vegri_small Saša Vegri (1934–2010), whose real name was Albina Vodopivec, was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. After Junior High School in Celje she finished High School for Arts and Crafts in Ljubljana and worked as a drafter at Surveying Institution Ljubljana for several years. In 1955, she enrolled into the course of History of Art at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. In the years 1961–1967, she was a self-employed writer. Afterwards, she worked as a librarian until her retirement. She was a member of Slovenian Writers’ Association. Hers are various collections of poetry for adults: Lunar Horse (1958), Depositions of Prey (1961), Me – Having Breakfast in the Ordered Lap (1967), Ophelia and the Triple Axel (1977), Constellations (1980), To You into the Silence (2001). She also published books for children: a famous picture book Georgie the Croak-Croak (1975) and collections of poems Mommy Says That is in Daddy’s Head (1978), Those aren’t Poems for Children, Or How We Make Children (1983) and What Happens If One Does Not Sleep (1991). She also wrote articles about youth literature and youth library service, and translated Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian poetry. Her poems have been translated into 13 languages. She received several awards: Yugoslavian Youth Prize (1962), Fran Levstik Prize (1979), and Primož Trubar Plaquette (1987).

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